Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

Legendary pop musician michael jackson has died

World death jacko wiil create hunderds of fans in london disappointed. Death jacko plans will perform a concert in london 13 july 2009 start to come.

Concert entitled 'this it' planned to be hold at the 02 arena,london, england. Sejak march 2009 more than 360 thousand tickets have been out to buy a fans in the neverland ranch is.

Tickets jacko return to the concerts stage in the selling price ranging from 115 michael jackson, death make hollywoods celebrities, artists and world leaders of thd world sorrow.

Jacko reported on the sudden death. At the age 50 due to medical heart. When attack came in the house at the wetter bell, los angeles, california. Former lisa marie presley husband is hot aware of the situation, jacko has children in enter to the hospital one hour UCLA.

During all paramedics tried to save my soul, but theseefforts gagal. When get treatment, the king of pop tsurdays reveal died at 14.26.

"my brother, the king of michael jackson was a legendary deat. Couses is house. Namun heart attackh in the couse of death is hot the official result otoption out."jermaine said jacko, brother jacko.

Artoficial respirator hass been doing and have input to UCLA the UCLA medical center, my soul does not help. During this time michael jackson has mode inspiration for world music, goodbye I hope jacko accompany your.

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