Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009


UFO investigation play first in the world. Precisely in 1235 when the army general yoritsume the phenomenom that light can not explain in the space.

General them assign a group of investigators to study the case and finally in the know is that rock stars because the wind.

According to research at that time. In modern research, has about the appreance UFO phenomenon started in 1933 to the strange "ghost plane" skandanivia in the country in other euro.

Australia own research on this has started again early in the year 1920. When the ship amelia j. Disappeared in the strai bass. The loss of this ship, was going along with the many reports about the mysterious rays in the 1948 passage is.

In the united states air force began to recordvision UFO reports, in the name of project blue book. Series radar detection in pairs near the airport washington on july 1952.

Project this command by B.H robertson fisica home california institute technology to tighten in the series by meteorology and astronomy expert.

By the year 1969 the project was to report the views of the 12.618 or aciden. Most the identification of astronomical phenomenon metreology research continues on the remains UFO.

Until now scientists investivigate about the existence of lid outside the earth through powerful telescopes,keppler,which is exrected able to challange it.

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