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Motorola RAZR 2 Elegant and Stylish

Stuff says
The RAZR is back with a vengeance. Despite a few feature shortcomings, the V8 is still exquisitely engineered, so prepare yourself to be smitten all over again.

- Pros Elegan design. Superb construction. User-friendly keypad. Stunning front display.

- Cons Lack of 3G. Limited memory. Average camera.

Let's get the gushing praise out the way first: the MOTORAZR V3 reinvented phone design. It's rightly heralded as a design icon that inspired a generation of emaciated wannabes.

But two and half years on the RAZR has clearly out stayed its welcome. Its design is as tired as an okd mutt waiting for doggy heaven and Moto has found it hard to move on. So instead of completely severing its RAZR ties and starting anew, Moto has launched the RAZR 2.

Touch of class
OK, it scream lack of imagination on Moto's part. But we promise you'll be absolutely gob-smacked at how Moto's managed to galvanise this ailing series, making us fall head-over-hells in love all over again.

The EDGE-enabled V8 is the first of the RAZR 2 range to arrive (an HSDPA-motoring V9 is also on the cards) and is absolutely immaculate.

Moto has has kept the original RAZR template and 11.9mm sleek silhoutte but the sequel is expetly hewn from quality stainless stell, aluminium and magnesium, gaining a considerable helf in the process.

It feels close to the Nokia 8600 Luna in the luxury stakes but at half the price. Its design also oozes considerably more
class than the original V3 with an attractive 'Dark Pearl Grey' veneer and steely cold touch. A more refined and thumb-friendly laser-etched keypad is also onboard.

Source: www.toptenreviews.com

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