Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

Nokia Booklet 3G, Sophisticated And Classy

Will be present in the market booklet Nokia 3G, Nokia's appearance is similiar netbook is equipped with advanced features. And can be categorized like a smarphone notebook. The latest news on the wireless front is Nokia's announcement of the Nokia Booklet 3G, coming exclusively to Best Buy stores in mid-December.

The Booklet 3G is, of course, Nokia's grand entrance into the netbook game, one already cluttered with a number of competitors from every corner of the earth. But even though it's technically 2 years late, the Booklet comes armed with some pretty impressive features you won't find on most netbooks these days: 3G, A-GPS, Windows 7, 12 hours of battery life, amd HDMI.

This comes at a price: retail for the Booklet 3G is 575 Euros, or $836. That's if you buy it unsubsidized. However, if you buy it from everyone's favorite retailer Best Buy, you're looking at completely different pricing: it's $299 out-the-door, with a required AT&T Data Connect 2-year contract. Data Connect comes in three flavors: $20 for 10MB, $40 for 200MB, and $60 for 5GB (per Month). What, no unlimited plans? And 10MB, in this day and age, is a comple joke.

So at the absolute cheapest, the Nokia Booklet 3G will set you back $299 + $480 for the 2-year contract, to the tune of $779 bucks. That would get you the glass-and-aluminum netbook and 2 years of 3G with a limit of 10 megabytes a month.

If you're interested, get to your local (or online) Best Buy on October 22nd - that's the first day preorders will start for the Booklet 3G. I honestly do not see too many takers right now.

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