Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

The Process of Doing Business

Business needs to become more advanced processes, concepts and strategies necessary good, so the business grows and the financial condition of making good manajement. Business process outsourcing is the fastest growing segment in the outsourcing market as of now and involves outsourcing back office operations and other business processes like customer
relationship management, customer call centers, telemarketing, payroll maintenance, finance/ accounting management among others to offshore destinations.

These are the reasons that companies no matter how big or small they are prefer to outsource their operations and in a frantic pace, they have turned this normal phenomena in to a major hype.

The Business process outsourcing industry is opening up and people are beginning to realize that outsourcing is a win-win situation for everyone and a trend that
is as unavoidable as globalization itself. Business Process Outsourcing includes & a lot more -

* Back office operations

* Customer Relationship Management
* Call Centers and telemarketing
* Tele servicing and product support
* Payroll maintenance
* Finance / Accounting/biling

* Human Resources
* Logistics Management
* Supply Chain Management
* Medical transcripton
* Insurance Claims Processing
* Legal database maintenance

Organizations are increasingly adopting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as an integral part of the business strategy to ensure precious internal resources focused on the customer.

We focus on building highly effective business relationships. We construct and Dedicate Source Solutions partnerships to meet our clients' long term needs and tailor solutions for each client's unique requirements.

We guarantee cost savings, quality and outcomes giving our clients the space to focus on driving their business forward.

The BPO wave has created plenty of job opportunities in developing countries like India and China. With more and more companies jumping in to the BPO pool, the BPO jobs seem to be ever increasing.

Although there is a backlash in the attitudes of people in developed countries like UK and US towards outsourcing and speculations have increased in the time being due to a sluggish economy and job cuts. Benefits of BPO

* Increase productivity
* Cut operational costs
* Provide better service

* Save costs
* Improved accountability

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