Jumat, 06 November 2009

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Used to Showcase 3D Technology

The world's largest phone maker, Nokia recently showcased an N810 Internet Tablet, boasting a 3D display that doesn't require glasses, at the company's Nokia world event in Stuttgart.

The Finnish phone maker has said the technology has been in development for several years, but a lunch date for the final product is yet to be detailed, as the company cannot provide any specific release dates. The device could be part of an upcoming wave of 3D-enabled mobile phones, which could provide users with a different visual experience, directly on their mobile phone.

According to a recent news article on Pocket-lint, the Finnish phone maker has been displaying the said device at the Nokia World event.

The non-glasses-required 3D display has been featured on a Nokia N80 Internet Tablet, which isn't the planned launch platfrom for the technology. The said display is reportedly capable of delivering rudimentary 3D on a handled device.

Although the phone maker cannot deliver any specific details on when the technology will be featured on one of its upcoming devices, a Nokia representative has told the fellows over at Pocket-lint that the in-house tech, described as "advanced," has been in development for "several years" and that Nokia is working on 3D phones.

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, used in the demonstration, has been featured with a special display that has been reportedly developed by a secret, third-party manifacturer and is coupled with proprietary software to run the content.

It's still early to say if such a technology will be enabled on the company's next-generation mobile phones, but it's interesting to see Nokia working on improving its user's mobile experience.

Meanwhile, Nokia has recently entered the portable PC market, with its first x86-based, portable PC, the Booklet 3G netbook. This is regarded as a sign of change for the Finnish company, which had previously been focused on the mobile phone market.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com

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