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Website information and WMR

The process of creating a website requires good order, you can design a web site with quality content and attention to the writing method to write a good web site, create an article of good quality.

Obtaining a domain name for the website with your name it is a good idea, not a domain name free should you need to pay some small cost to sign up for the right to use the name.

The single most important element of your website is the "most wanted response".

The term "most wanted response" or MWR was coined by e-commerce guru ken McEvoy. It refers to the one action you most want website visitors to do. Examples of MWRs include customers ordering a product, subcribing to an e-newsletter, calling you or filling out an enquiry from.

set your MWR
Setting your MWR should be the very first task when you plan your website. Just ask yourself, "what is the ONE thimg I want my website visitors to do?"

You need to be very clear on this. Once you've set your MWR, you design your entire site around encouraging visitors to take that action.

making sales your MWR
For many companies making a direct sale from their website is their MWR. Especially if they're selling products that are commonly bought online such as computer hardware and software, travel and accommodation, clothing and accessories of information products.

However, some products and services are not suitable for sale on the web e.g consulting of custom-built industrial machinery. Also, not every visitor may be ready to buy right now-but might be convinced to buy later. In these cases you're better off trying to get a lead rather than a sale.

Qualified leads as your MWR
Encourage visitors to register their contact details in exchangf for a valuable freebie such as a report, newsletter or trial. Once you have prospects' email address, you can follow them up to maximise sales conversions.

Almost every industry can use this approach with great results.

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