Kamis, 23 Juli 2009

Sell products through a properties auction

Sales of products through a properties auction business is promising enough that you can do so through the auction, the auction could generate a profit with the high bid price that varies.

Can do an online auction for the sale of your properties, so properties markets will be more knowledgeable with the auction bidding via the internet, the product properties can be in an online auction.

Responding to the surge in defaulted and foreclosed properties, Fast Home Auction has launched an online auction for real estate professionals. The web site enables real estate professionals to buy and sell defaulted and foreclosed properties across the country with the ease of the familiar online merchandise auction concept.

The online auction auction website fills the need generated by the excess inventory of foreclosed homes. Nationally, the number of foreclosed properties has early doubled from a year ago.

"A huge problem with foreclosed properties is in marrying buyers and sellers, and as the number of foreclosed properties keeps rising, the challenge has only become bigger,"
explains james Case, Fast Home Auction's president.

Traditionally, REO (real estate owned) asset managers have posted properties on their own websites, but most people don't know how to find them. "Online auctions present an efficient mechanism for buyers to acquire foreclosed property from the REO asset managers,"adds Case.

"Usually by the time a property goes to auction it has been listed for a few months with very little or no activity. When the sellers of real estate list their property for auction, it doesn't mean that they're desperate, it means that they are motivated -- and this is usually the buyer's best choice for attractive pricing."

FastHomeAuction.com keeps the process simple and cost-effetive for both buyers and sellers. Currently, there are no
fees to list a property on the site, and unlike other auction sites, buyer's fees are never charged, resulting in more money for sellers and a better Opportunity for buyers.

The site features a searchable realtor directory and postings are submitted to all major search engines, maximing the exposure for each property. Postings are availble for virtually all types of property, from single family to commercial and raw land.

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